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NC State Football

NC State Football has been very inconsistent in recent years, with more ups and downs than a roller coaster, and many disappointed fans.  As a college student at a D1 program, college football is of major importance and is practically an institution.  NCSU football has been a bit of a running joke among students here, and at the start of this year was no different. The team took a trip down to Florida to play FSU, a perennial football powerhouse.  The Wolfpack won 27-21, and this started a chain of events which were unprecedented in my time at the university.   We began to compile 2 more wins over conference contenders, the first of which being Syracuse, which was notable enough for us to earn the 24th ranking, and the second being Louisville, the 17th ranked team in the nation.  Louisville is the current holder of the Heisman trophy in Lamar Jackson and the Wolfpack handled them, keeping the lead for the entire game!  We are now ranked 20th overall and are anxiously awaiting the next battle on the field, I have a really good feeling about the rest of the season, GO WOLFPACK!

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