Spring is Here! Keep Your Body Happy

By: Mitchell Drysdale

The first day of Spring has come and gone (even if it doesn’t feel like it). Whether it’s rainy and 50 degrees or sunny and 70, a new season can be a new start! Use this change as an opportunity to improve your health, especially going into exam season!

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to getting your mind and body right for the future:

1. Work out and get that body moving

People constantly think that working out means sprinting miles and lifting heavy weights – DON’T LISTEN! A simple walk, jog, or yoga session is more than enough to get that heart rate going a bit, while allowing your body to work. Simply walking on a treadmill or around campus each day will improve your health. If you want to go a bit further and do those hard workouts, make sure you stay safe and do things properly!

2. Read a bit each day

Working your mind can sometimes be more important than working your body. If you can take the time out of your day to read an article, a chapter of a book, or a story online will stimulate your brain and allow you to pick up some new knowledge. As you continue this activity, you will realize you can use more vocabulary, while also becoming more knowledgeable on recent events.

3. Get a full night’s sleep

How many times have you heard this one? How many times have you had to be up until 3am doing a paper or to study? Yeah, we all have those nights, and that’s okay! Try your best to limit them though. Getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night will allow you to be more attentive while your awake, and will allow you to think and work at your full potential. Also, if you can adjust your schedule so that most of your studying can be done during the day, you might notice better exam scores!

4. Soak up the sun

As the weather starts to warm up (hopefully soon), getting out in the sun will improve your health! The sun has valuable vitamin D, as most people know, but can also help your dental health and also limit your risks of cancer. This doesn’t mean stay outside all day long in the intense sunlight, but a bit of time exposed to those UVB rays will do you wonders!

5. Always make time for some fun

As exams grow closer, it is easy to get stuck inside studying for long periods of time. Always make sure that you can make some time for activities you like, whether it be kayaking, board games, or quidditch. Positive emotions are so important during stressful times, and doing something you love will give you a much needed break between those cramming sessions.