Self-Care for a New Semester


It’s a new semester for all of our students which means it is the perfect time to take time and focus on yourself. According to research done by the National Institute of Health, there are 8 dimensions of wellness: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, vocational, financial, and environmental wellness. Wellness and self-care is multi-faceted and it is important to focus on each aspect in order to combat daily stress and feel your best! 

Self-care also looks different for everyone- it could range from eliminating single use plastic in your daily life to making yourself a cup of tea to using a face mask a few times a week. 


Whatever self-care looks like to you, we encourage our residents to take time, challenge themselves, and focus on their wellness. Last week, we handed out self-care kits to our residents that featured: face masks, under eye masks, tea and honey, and some Chapstick. We value our residents here at Valentine Commons and want to give them the tools to relax, unwind, and succeed in their classes. 

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