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Non-Resident Parking

Valentine Commons has it's own private parking garage with spaces available for non-residents to rent. Located within a five minute walk to the Brickyard on NC State campus.

Non-Resident Rental Information

Parking for Fall 2021: 12 Month Contract (8/15/21 - 7/31/22) - $80 per month

Parking for Fall 2021: 10 Month Contract (8/15/21 - 5/31/22) - $96 per month


FALL 2021



Instructions to sign for Non-Resident Parking:

Because space is SOLD OUT we have started a wait list process.
  • Download and complete the Non-Resident Parking Application for Fall 2021. Within this application you will be able to choose a July Ending or May Ending Parking Pass. 
  • CLICK HERE to download our application. 
  • Once you have completed the application, click the button on the left to submit your application, this will email our Accounts Manager Justin who will add you to our WAIT LIST.
  • Once on the waitlist, if any spaces become available we will reach out to you to find out if you still need a parking space, if you do not respond promptly you will be removed from the waitlist and we will move on to the next person. 
**PLEASE NOTE: Non-resident parking is not secured until the lease agreement has been signed. Applications DO NOT secure parking. We are currently SOLD OUT and taking a WAIT LIST.