A Guide to Local Coffee

Need a little extra fuel to get you through midterm week? I’ve found that some caffeine and a change of scenery helps me to be the most productive student that I can be. Here is a list of local coffee shops in Raleigh that are in super close walking and driving distance of your apartment!

Cup A Joe:

This is an NC State staple located right on Hillsborough Street, a super close walking distance to Valentine Commons. They have ample seating and sell coffee, espresso, tea, and many more delicious beverages, and are well-known for their giant cookies!

Lucky Tree:

Located right across from Meredith college is a hidden gem, Lucky Tree. The atmosphere is very artsy and laidback giving students a very relaxed place to study. Lucky Tree is also within a walkable distance from Valentine Commons.


Jubala is a local favorite with a great view of the NCSU belltower. Their signature waffles and their coffee creations are superb and the vibe is very cozy. This coffee shop is a great place to get some work done or meet some friends to catch up.


Within a drivable distance, Benelux is located in the Cameron Village and is a great place to be productive. They offer both outdoor and indoor seating as well as a variety of beverages and food. There is also so much to do within a walking distance to Benelux since it is located in the heart of Cameron Village.

Idle Hour Coffee:

Idle Hour is the newest coffee shop in the area! The vibe is very minimalistic with a lot of boho elements. They have plenty of indoor/outdoor seating and even though it is not within a walkable distance, it’s only a short drive away on Oberlin Road.

Author: Madison Benfield

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

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