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Is Freshman Year Too Early to Live Off Campus? No!

 Welcome to the #VCLife blog! My name is Luke Tart, I am one of the Marketing Assistants you may see at the front desk, and I’m a Junior in Environmental Technology and Management.  This year will be my third year living at VC and I have loved every year!  Coming in as a freshman we did not have the mandate saying we had to live on campus. Even still, many freshmen had to find off-campus living this year after all the dorms filled up.  So, if you find you find yourself looking for an off-campus apartment your freshman year, I recommend Valentine Commons.

My freshman year I didn’t have any roommates in mind, but did know that I wasn’t thrilled about sharing a small dorm with someone I knew-let alone someone I didn’t know. Naturally, I did what any student would do and started touring around to see different apartment buildings to see which one would be the best fit for me.  The first place I went was a -close to but still- off-campus apartment that was dorm style. I wasn’t thrilled about having the same set up that I would have had in a dorm. On top of that, my broad shoulders scrubbed both bathroom walls of their model unit while I was checking out the bathroom.  Needless to say that one did not rank high on my list.  The next place we toured was a new building that was still under construction at the time I was looking, but they had rented out an office space on Hillsborough in the mean time.  From the start, I could tell that the rooms were larger and their floor plans had an open feel to them.  This apartment would also give me my own bed and bathroom, which was my main priority, but was unfortunately over budget for 4 bed and 4 bath. Of which, had just filled up leaving their 3 bed, 3 bath which was even more so over budget. Begrudgingly, we left with one last stop on our list, Valentine Commons.

We arrived at VC with hope of finding “the one,” and boy did we! We came in and the staff was eager and ready to help my mom and I. As soon as we got to the model unit they had a large spreadsheet showing their rates versus the competitors – I had made a similar spreadsheet to show my mom to even convince her to let me get an apartment. VC had everything I was looking for my own bedroom and bathroom, affordable price, and basically on campus. I signed my lease a few weeks later and was assigned three random roommates. If you’re interested in signing a lease follow this link! Click Here! My roommates freshman year were all sophomores in engineering, they were a lot of help as I started out as an engineering undecided major.  One word of advice that I would have for freshman me would be to go to all the #VCLife events. Going to the events would have made making friends much easier and helped in my acclimation to college life.  So, if you’re still looking for a place to stay regardless of what year you are, then come on in and take a tour. And, if you’re already living with us then I can’t express how much fun the events we throw are and how many great people you can meet at them.